Free Bracket Manager

Developed specifically for office pools, the Free Bracket Manager uses an E x c e l file to easily manage your NCAA-Tourney teams. To see how it works, or to manage your own personal bracket:


for E x c e l  2010+ (Mac 2010 & W-7 2011)

Using The Bracket Manager to manage your personal NCAA-Madness picks is easy:

From the "Player Brackets" worksheet, pick the winner of each game starting with the first round using the drop down boxes. (Note: each drop down box will appear once you have selected the cell.)

Once all game winners have been selected, enter the total score (in case of a tie) for the final game.

It's that easy! Now your picks are arranged in one attractive E x c e l File that you can print, email, or save to view on your computer.

HOWEVER, you can also use this file to test drive the full version of the POOL MANAGEMENT software. It comes with two "Player Brackets" so you and a friend can make your picks* and compete against each other. After each game, select the winning team from the "Master Bracket," and your pool results will automatically update to show who is in the lead!

*The full version of the software includes the ability to have each player fill out his/her own bracket, leaving less work for the Pool Manager.